Back Pain Lower Left Side Again? - Are You Sure You Know What it Is?

Published: 08th October 2009
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So the back starts playing up...

You visit the doctor yet again.

"What's the problem?"

You raise your eyebrows and reply "back agony lower left side- Again!"

You are not alone thousands have the same problem and thousands receive no real specific answers from doctors- why? Because the fact the back pain is limited to the lower left side makes it difficult to isolate the cause.

So let's look at some common causes of back pain on the lower left side.

* IBS or other intestinal problems Lower left side back pain may be caused by anything that irritates the digestive system. IBS, spicy or food stress. The irritation causes spasms which may result in the muscles of the back getting stressed.Conversely what is not commonly known is that back problems can result in indigestion and IBS type symptoms as the back affects the muscles in the abdominal area.

* Kidney Stones Having experienced from kidney stones I know the dissimilarity in the pain. Sometimes it can feel like you have been hit in the side with a bat. Other times it is dull ache which seems to come in waves. Other indications are difficulty in passing urine, pain when passing and even blood in urine. Your doctor will carry out a series of tests to eliminate the possibility of kidney stones being the cause.

* General Lower back problems Cause by injury, age, deterioration of bone and muscle or muscle imbalances. The back should be stable however it tends to move itself into a position causing the least amount of pain. In doing so it back pain lower left side can arise.

* The muscles of the back do not only move limbs they are part of the structural support system of the body. If the balance is disturbance then pain occurs

The answer? The human body is an expert at mending itself however we must help it along.

Some sensible approaches.

* If a particular movement or act causes the pain to flair up then avoid doing it. This may sound obvious but if something hurts find a different way.

* For example when you get up out of bed in a morning instead of just sitting up, turn onto your side and swing your legs out of the bed.

* When relaxing watching TV try Not to cross your legs. Next time you do note the uneven stresses placed on your back.

* Keep a diary. record what foods you eat or drink over a ten day period and note the time and the degree of pain on a scale of 1-10. Everyone is not the same but certain food and drink will also influence your back causing pain on the lower left side. For example my father stopped drinking coffee 15 years ago on the advice of a pain specialist and his back pain stopped.

Well my friend I know what it is like to endure from back pain. I did for years before solving the problem. A nagging ache which sometimes progressed to a full blown throb, taking over my life and making me unhappy. There are more methods I used but there isn't enough space here to list them. Stop the throbbing pain and forget about your back click the link to learn more and avoid Upper back Pain again or visit

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